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DEC's definitive CRT video terminal of the early/mid 1980s. Its control codes and escape sequences still form the basis of the xterm set and of the ANSI or IBM PC standards. VT100 compatibility is still provided by most terminal emulators.


(Video Terminal 100) A monochrome display terminal introduced in 1978 by Digital Equipment for its PDP and VAX computers. The 8080-based VT100 was offered in several models, some of which supported different column widths and rudimentary graphics. Later models included additional CPUs for running local applications. Subsequent versions (VT200, VT300, etc.) improved performance and supported vector graphics and color screens.

Terminal Emulators
The VT100 family is widely emulated in software. As desktop computers proliferated in the 1980s, terminal emulation software in the user's PC began to replace the hardware terminal.
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Olive launches India s first ever 3G based OlivePad VT-100: Olive unveils India s first ever 3G tablet OlivePad VT-100 to hit the Indian market.
A simple menu structure allows easy setup and diagnostic testing from any VT-100 compatible device.
Support is provided for VT-100 terminal interface for local configuration or via dial-up using GDC's V.
The SmartClass E1/Datacom offers advanced test applications including MFC-R2 signaling test, VT-100 terminal emulation and remote control of the unit using a command line interface, providing even less-experienced technicians with a powerful and easy-to-use E1/Datacom installation, maintenance and test device.
User interface choices include native HTML for standard Web browsers, VT-100 displays and Telnet.
0 boasts the ability to securely access and manage Microsoft Exchange, new VT-100 Terminal Emulation and the ability to use RSA SecurID authentication.
The Transoft Screen Component Adapter installed by Omnisys enables Afore Allianz Dresdner to move its VT-100 legacy mainframe data and applications to a World Wide Web environment.
Using a secure shell to a VT-100 compliant Unix, Windows, firewall or router command line, the administrator can execute literally any server command.
Local management is accomplished through a VT-100 terminal connected to the IPS switch via an RS-232 interface.
PocketAdmin provides the mobile user with a VT-100 compliant terminal to any device with a SSH-capable console interface, including Windows and Unix servers, routers, and firewalls.