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DEC's definitive CRT video terminal of the early/mid 1980s. Its control codes and escape sequences still form the basis of the xterm set and of the ANSI or IBM PC standards. VT100 compatibility is still provided by most terminal emulators.


(Video Terminal 100) A monochrome display terminal introduced in 1978 by Digital Equipment for its PDP and VAX computers. The 8080-based VT100 was offered in several models, some of which supported different column widths and rudimentary graphics. Later models included additional CPUs for running local applications. Subsequent versions (VT200, VT300, etc.) improved performance and supported vector graphics and color screens.

Terminal Emulators
The VT100 family is widely emulated in software. As desktop computers proliferated in the 1980s, terminal emulation software in the user's PC began to replace the hardware terminal.
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Softerm PC emulates a long list of terminals, including the VT100.
This allows full functioning VT100 access to those patrons without special client/server telecommunications software Frosina 1995).
The most common emulation is VT100, although there are many more to choose from.
EPS, the OCLC Electronic Publishing Service, is a command-oriented ASCII user interface which runs on a terminal or PC with software emulating a VT100 terminal.
It may be controlled from its front panel, a VT100 supervisory port or from the firm's CMS 400 network management system.
The Internet provider, be it your educational institution or a commercial provider, is running Internet applications on its mainframe computer, such as telnet and ftp while you are running a software such as Procomm or Crosstalk to enable your computer to emulate a VT100 terminal.
OCLC Gateway Software is compatible with many kinds of computer equipment, ranging from OCLC workstations and PCs running PASSPORT (OCLC communications software), to Apple and other computers running VT100 emulation packages, IBM 3270 terminals, commonly used local system terminals, and other public-access machines.
It interfaces with AT&T's Sceptr terminals, as well as with Prestel and Digital's VT100 terminals.