Václav Chaloupecký

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Chaloupecký, Václav


Born May 12, 1882, in Dětenice, near Libáň; died 1951 in Prague. Czechoslovak historian.

A student of the Czech historian J. Goll, Chaloupecký graduated from Charles University in Prague. He became a professor at Komenský Bratislava University in 1922 and a professor at Charles University in 1945. He was one of the principal editors of Český časopis historý cky (Czech Historical Journal). Chaloupecký’s principal works are unusually rich in factual material. They concern the study of Czech sources, the history of Slovakia during the period of the creation of the Czechoslovak republic (1918), and the history of Bohemia and Slovakia during the Middle Ages.


Staré Slovensko. Bratislava, 1923.
Selská otázka v husitství. Bratislava, 1926.
Zápas o Slovensku 1918. Prague, 1930.