Vadim Ivanov

Ivanov, Vadim Mikhailovich


Born Oct. 16 (29), 1906, in Baku. Soviet architect. Became a member of the CPSU in 1948.

Ivanov studied at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute from 1921 to 1930. He was the principal architect of Baku from 1937 to 1967. He and L.A. Il’in developed the general plan for the city of Makhachkala (1931–34) and the preliminary plan of the city of Derbent (1933). Ivanov also participated in the design of the first stage of the city of Sumgait (1941), the scheme for the regional planning of Apsheron Peninsula (1947–49), and the general plan of Baku (1948–52). In 1931 he began teaching at the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (since 1948, the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute) in Baku. Ivanov has been awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and various medals.

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Academician Vadim Ivanov, the scientific leader of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, noted the importance of the working groups being created and called for the organization of seminars within each group.
Former prisoner Vadim Ivanov, 49, said: "They clatter slowly out of Moscow, usually east towards Siberia or north to the Arctic, to labour camps that had their heyday in Stalin times.
The Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography said the film could offend some viewers and contained material that 'might seem humiliating in relation to certain ethnic groups and religions,' according to Vadim Ivanov of distributor Gemini Film International.