Arya Samaj

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Arya Samaj:

see Saraswati, DayanandaSaraswati, Dayananda
, 1824–83, Indian religious reformer, founder of the Arya Samaj movement. He was a Brahman from Gujarat who became the major spokesman for the 19th-century Hindu revival that placed exclusive authority in the Vedas.
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Arya Samaj


(in Hindi, Society of the Aryans), a religious, reformist, and educational society in India, which originated in 1875 and was basically composed of members of the petit bourgeois intelligentsia. Its founder was Dayananda Sara-svati. The Arya Samaj called for the independence of India and the rebirth of its national culture. It fought against the caste system and espoused the advancement of enlightenment and the enactment of religious and customary social reforms. The activity of Arya Samaj prepared the ground for the awakening of national consciousness and the development of the national liberation movement. In 1891 the society had about 40,000 members. In contemporary India it exists as a small religious group.


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Tenders are invited for Repair Of Office Building Vaidika Samshodhana Mandala Mukund Nagar Pune Sh Attending Leakage From Terrace
As the editors observe, this rite is seldom seen in Agamic literature, but rather belongs to the Vedic tradition; Vaidika brahmans are even brought in to help recite.
He divides the language of the Aryans into two classes: Vaidika and laukika, the latter being referred to as Samskrta--Sam+krta meaning "refined".
But the insider Vaidika Brahman today who continues the multimillennial task of oral transmission regards the Vedas as unitary and eternal, surely a perspective that is crucial to outsider understanding, but one that no outsider scholars, Indian or non-Indian, can afford to take in the academic world of historical-critical scholarship.
This suggestion has no plausibility, for, since no one would ever mistake the epic's "Vedic style" tristubhs for vaidika tristubhs, there is no obvious motive for "archaization.
For students of Vedic ritual, observing (if only by photographs) the actual performance of the actions they know primarily from the detailed descriptions of the srauta ritual manuals of several millenia before always provides a sort of frisson, though the fact that the ritual was performed in the main hall of the Vaidika Samsodhana Mandala, rather than the open air, somewhat changes the atmosphere.
et celui des interactions complexes qui s'instaurent entre vaidika et tantrika.
Hoshiarpur: Vishveshvarananda Vaidika Research Institute, 1960-64.
It forms part of NC's argument as to why commenting on a tantric text, and a text on magic squares at that, is worthwhile for scholars of vaidika literature.
Pattabhirama Shastri's Sanskrit essay lucidly presents several Mimamsa nyayas and then sketches possibilities regarding their use today, outside vaidika and ritual contexts, Lars Gohler compares the concept of truth in Kumarila and Karl Popper, and Purushottama Bilimoria reconsiders the originary relation of word and meaning (autpattikatva) in relation to Saussure's semiology and Derrida's grammatology.
He rejects the claims that he was either a Jaina or a Buddhist, and argues for his Vaidika identity.
The tradition is not rooted in the Vedic texts, and yet many of its adherents are dvija, hence people who are what they are as a result of their Vedic "belonging"; very many, if not most, are vaidika.