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Structurally, Reshotko argues for psychological egoism and eudaimonism, which lead to Socratic intellectualism, which, applied to Socrates' threefold value theory, allows her to identify happiness as the primary good, and to argue that virtue-as-knowledge offers the only reliable (if contingent) access to happiness.
On Austrian Value Theory and Economic Calculation, Working Paper.
The GPD in the extreme value theory has played an important role in modeling the excess distribution over a high threshold.
The research contributes to literature by examining Schwartz's refined value theory in an unexamined culture context, China.
Indeed it could be said that the Political Economy Group (or the 'P' group as we were then called), got fired up about many things, but not particularly about Marxism or Marxian value theory.
Subjective value theory was developed in the field of political economy, later dubbed economics, and was employed in order to explain the nature of value, economic goods and market prices.
The GEV distribution is a family of continuous probability distributions developed within extreme value theory to combine the Gumbel, Frechet and Weibull families.
I based this framework on expectancy value theory and justice theory.
It reaffirms that, whatever one's stance on intrinsic value theory, refection on environmental engagement and the transformational aspects of values remains a vital area of inquiry for environmental ethics and its interconnected disciplines.
Much of the important early work in environmental ethics centered on value theory, that is, on what matters and why.
In order to address the problems of heavy tails, VaR measures based on the Extreme Value Theory (EVT) have been developed which allows us to model the tails of distributions, and to estimate the probabilities of the extreme movements that can be expected in financial markets.