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Scientists said they have mapped for the first time the complete genome of a vampire bat, finding that this flying mammal boasts numerous genetic traits that help it thrive on an exotic food source that offers nutritional disadvantages and exposes it to blood-borne pathogens.
Vampire bats are also surprising generous, willing to share a (regurgitated) meal with a fellow bat that missed out, even if they are not related.
Prey preference of the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus, Chiroptera) using molecular analysis.
Due to the logistical difficulty of tracking infected vampire bats in real-time, researchers sampled DNA from bats and from the rabies virus to explore historical patterns of the virus's spread.
The use of a precipitin test to determine host preference of the vampire bats, Desmodus rotundus and Diphylla ecaudata.
Owing to its feeding habits the false vampire bat is acknowledged as a good friend of farmers and is rewarded with protection by farmers who call it the goddess Laxmi" and provide it food during harsh weather (Mahmood-ul-Hassan and Nameer 2006).
Greenhall (1972) observed that when a variety of hosts is present, the vampire bat is selective; although, when only the least preferred host is available, vampire bats may attack them severely (Turner, 1975; Voigt and Kelm, 2006).
He noted that vampire bats secreted multiple forms of the same active components, with myriad tiny changes scattered across the surface of the molecules and that even if an antibody is generated against one molecule, there are a number of other ones that will sneak past the prey's defence system and keep the blood flowing.
Genetic characterization and geographic distribution of rabies virus isolates in Brazil: identification of two reservoirs, dogs and vampire bats.
Although this lineage was predominately collected from livestock, it was also obtained from vampire bats (n = 24).
How much more does the vampire bat weigh than the smallest bat?
Meanwhile, the Humboldts are left in burrows, which may sound cosy, but they are still at risk from vampire bats.