Van Curler, Arent

Van Curler or Van Corlaer, Arent

(är`ənt văn kûr`lər, vän kôr`lär), 1619–67, Dutch colonist in New Netherland. He came (1637) to the colony to assist in the management of Rensselaerswyck, the estate of his cousin Kiliaen Van RensselaerVan Rensselaer, Kiliaen
, c.1580–1644, Dutch merchant and patroon, b. Amsterdam. He was a wealthy diamond and pearl merchant and helped found (1621) the Dutch West India Company, later becoming one of its directors.
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, and from 1642 to 1644 was administrator. He made friends of the Native Americans and on several occasions successfully mediated between them and the colonists. Purchasing a tract of land on the Mohawk River, Van Curler founded (1662) Schenectady there. He was drowned in Lake Champlain on his way to Canada.
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