Van Diemen's Land

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Van Diemen's Land:

see TasmaniaTasmania
, island state (2016 pop. 509,965), 26,383 sq mi (68,332 sq km), SE Commonwealth of Australia. It is separated from Australia by the Bass Strait and lies 150 mi (240 km) south of the state of Victoria.
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, Australia.
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After transportation to Van Diemen's Land in 1826 he earned his ticket-of-leave within a year, was appointed a field constable and assigned to the Van Diemen's Land Company where he explored north-west Tasmania and the company's quarter million acre land grant.
In the case of Cowell's film, the subject is Michael Howe, who arrived in Van Diemen's Land in October 1812 after being sentenced to transportation for highway robbery.
The chapter on Musquito and Bulldog includes significant analysis of the resistance and misdemeanours which led to their penal exile to Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land.
In early 1839 the colonists of Van Diemen's Land were informed that the existing system of domestic assignment, whereby settlers were able to access convict labour, at minimal cost, would cease.
His focus on the use of 'terror', not as an abstraction on which war could be waged, but as an essential element in early nineteenth century penology, is combined deftly with a chilling depiction of what Bigge's report meant for the convicts of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land.
Eglurodd fod llofruddiaeth wedi digwydd yn y bwthyn ac i'r trigolion lleol gredu y dylai'r un a amheuwyd o gyflawni'r drosedd fod wedi ei hanfon i Van Diemen's Land.
Visscher's atlas of 1649 there are four maps of interest concerning Australia, two of these being world maps, plus a map of Australia and a map of Van Diemen's Land.
At that time Tasmania was known as Van Diemen's Land.
She focuses on the penal colony Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), which supplied Aboriginal bodies to British men of science, to illustrate the ways human remains have sometimes been stripped of their sacred meaning in the name of science and even in the name of entertainment.
The Library was successful in acquiring nine significant acquisitions which included eight titles eligible for, or listed in, Ferguson's Bibliography of Australia, and one title on the Canadian exiles transported to Van Diemen's Land.
MacDonald is, by contrast to Siebert, fastidiously respectful of the all-too-ordinary narratives of the lives and deaths of those individuals subject to post-mortem dissection by surgeons working with the imprimatur of the law in Van Diemen's Land.
In Europe, a look of bemused geographical dislocation usually greets the name, except, of course, in England where the hellish penal colony of Van Diemen's Land still haunts the collective memory.