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The variety Black Beauty had a lower incidence level than that on these two varieties but higher than that on other varieties.
3%) was covered by Superi and maximum sandy soil was also under this variety (14.
The candidate variety was also tested in in medium and late final varietal trial for 4 years from 2008-09 to 2011-12.
Aragonez (Tinta Roriz, or the Spanish variety Tempranillo): This variety was covered in my October column about Spanish varieties.
Each day, clients of the Variety Entertainment News Service will have print and online rights to dozens of stories produced by the largest news-gathering staff in the industry.
I then read aloud Digging Armadillos, by Judith Jango-Cohen, a short non-fiction book that uses simple text and beautiful color photographs to explain the nine-banded armadillo, the only variety that lives in the United States.
Without appropriate IPR protection, as soon as a promising new variety appears on the market, it will be bought up and multiplied by seed traders to sell on, or by farmers for their own use.
Supersonic offers us the earliest maturing variety available, which would allow more growers to sow after winter wheat and/or sow conventionally and harvest up to one week earlier than competing varieties," he added.
Oil from the variety is being tested by the food industry this year.
An heirloom variety is one which owes its very existence to home gardeners or private individuals rather than the seed trade.
Unfortunately, sugar content is not measured in national list or recommended list variety trials at the moment.