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Born Circa 1590; Died Circa 1657. Initiator Of Book Printing In Moldavia. Translator. Born Into A Free Peasant’S Family. Served As Metropolitan Of Moldavia. Expert In Greek, Latin, And Slavic Languages.

Varlaam was one of the founders of the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy (1640) in Ia§i. He was an advocate of enlightenment and of friendship with Russia. In 1628 he visited Kiev and Moscow as a member of an embassy of the Moldavian hospodar Miron Barnovskii. In 1641, with the support of Peter Mogila, he founded a printing press under the auspices of the Iasj Monastery of the Three Saints. It printed four books, including the Instructive Gospel (Kazaniia, 1643), a collection of ecclesiastical precepts and a valuable monument of the literary language of the period, and the Code (1646), a monument of feudal legislation.


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The only writer who has succeeded in showing similar gloom and doom is Gulag survivor Varlaam Shalamov, but even in Shalamov one occasionally finds an "iota of hope.
Varlaam was my first mainstage role, in the Canadian Opera Company's 2002 Boris, and one day I hope to sing the title role.
Translating Mucenicia Sfantului loan cel Nou de la Suceava (The Martyrdom of Saint John the New from Suceava) in order to include it in the Sermon from 1643, the bishop Varlaam of Moldovia "transforms" the leader of the town where the saint has been tortured--a Persian--in Turkish.
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The teachers surveyed here were, on average, not particularly concerned about misbehavior, despite the interest shown in the mainstream media and by parents, who consider it a major factor in school selection (West and Varlaam, 1991).
Two monks who named it for an esthetic hermit that had originally occupied the mountaintop founded the Varlaam Monastery in 1517.
Tolstoy spoke approvingly of Pushkin's Misail and Varlaam, the happy and perennially drunk monastic fugitives in scene VIII of Boris Godunov ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2: 603).
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The resulting charter by Peter the Great, dating from 16 March 1698, mentions a bitter struggle between Tarasii's successor, Varlaam, and the Udomel'skii donors, who supported Nikon's request and accused the Borisoglebskii Monastery of ruining their institution by exacting exorbitant dues.
Brindley Sherratt was a powerful Pimen and Jonathan Veira illuminated the role of Varlaam with characteristic vivacity.