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Varzuga (Murmansk oblast), Church of the Dormition, 20 July 2001
Today, large Russian populations of Margaritifera margaritifera remain only in the Keret River in Karelia and the Varzuga River on the Kola Peninsula (~6 and ~140 million mussels, respectively; see Figure 5; S.
Pearling centres developed along the Dvina River and its tributaries near the city of Arkhangelsk, on the Keret and Kem Rivers in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula (particularly near the Umba and Varzuga Rivers; Figure 5).
Visits were made to the towns of Umba, Kuzomen and Varzuga on the White Sea coast of the Kola Peninsula; the village of Keret and the city of Kem in Karelia; as well as the cities of Arkhangelsk on the coast of the White Sea and Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, situated at Lake Onega.
Government authorities at the Fisheries Office in Umba and at the Fisheries Cooperative in Varzuga were well informed of the importance of the pearl mussel's symbiosis with local salmon populations (see also Kaliuzhin, 2004).
Varzuga village, situated about 30 km inland from the mouth of Varzuga River, is an important religious centre for the White Sea coast.
Varzuga has no museum that traces the area's history, but due to its position as a centre for salmon fishing it is a busy village.
The recreational fishery for Atlantic salmon and the ecology of salmon and pearl mussels in the Varzuga River, northwest Russia.
In Varzuga village, the author observed the former collective chairman, now a successful entrepreneur, trying to rebuild the enterprise after the failure of the Soviet central economy in the early 1990s.
We eventually arrived at our destination, the town of Varzuga, and were invited to the major's house.
Russia: Sportfishing Worldwide describes the Varzuga River System of Northwest Russia as ``probably the most prolific Atlantic salmon river anywhere in the world.
Guests can expect to catch 30 salmon per rod over a weeklong vacation to the Varzuga.