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Alecsandri, Vasile


Born July 21, 1821, in Bacáu; died Aug. 22, 1890, in Mirce§ti. Moldavian and Rumanian writer and journalist; compiler of folklore. Born to the family of a nobleman (boyar). Educated in Jassy and Paris (1834–39).

In his plays, Alecsandri stigmatizes the vices of feudal serf-owning society: Iorgu from Sadagur (1844), Jassy During the Carnival (1852), Kiritsa in the Provinces (1852), and others. His History of a Gold Coin (1843) is a satire on judges, grafters, usurers, district police officers, and so forth. He wrote the well-known Doiny (1843–53) and the anthology Folk Poems (1852), which were influenced by folk tales.

Alecsandri participated in the revolution of 1848 and in the struggle to unify Walachia and Moldavia into one national state. The spirit of struggle against tyranny permeates his cycles of poems Lilies of the Valley (1848–63) and Daisies (1852–62). During the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78), Alecsandri celebrated the people’s struggle for independence in the cycle of poems Our Wars. He wrote some historical poems— The Red Forest, Dan—the Mountain Captain, and the cycles Legends (1869–75) and New Legends (1876–78). He also wrote historical drama— The Despotic Voevoda (performed 1879, published 1880), The Spring of Blanduzia, and Ovidii. Alecsandri contributed considerably to the development and enrichment of the literary language.


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com)-- The house, which formerly belonged to romanian poet Vasile Alecsandri, now has the modern touch brought by the Thinslices, while still preserving some of the initial elements of the 19th century mansion.
Vasile Alecsandri was an important promoter of the cultural identity movement in the 19th century Romania.
C'est la plus insignifiante occupation pour un homme qui peut etre intelligent, comme Ghisa de Nobila cersitoare (La noble mendiant) de Vasile Alecsandri, qui devine les pensee des ses maitres, ou sot, en faisant tout a l'envers, comme Ion, le servant de la comedie Chiriga in provincie (Chiriga en province) de meme auteur.
Parfois, les passagers ne paient pas, en invoquant differentes raisons, et le cocher doit aller chez ses mauvais payeurs pour demander son argent, comme dans la comedie Creditorii (Les crediteurs) de Vasile Alecsandri.
made us aware of the danger which threatens us and awoke the instinct of national preservation in us" (8), as Vasile Alecsandri says, but it is extremely plausible that the Israelite Alliance made the xenophobic monologue more interesting and more complex.
Monsieur Zuliaridi) (1852), adapte par Vasile Alecsandri selon Un tigre de Bengal de Edouard Brisebarre et Marc Michel ; le personnage principal, extremement jaloux, soupconne sa femme d'avoir une liaison extraconjugale avec le voisin Papa-Lapte.
176 from the 28th of January 1860 sent by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Wallachia, none other than the great poet, revolutionary and unity fighter of the forty-eight revolution, Vasile Alecsandri.
Ziolkowski races past the Ovids of Vasile Aaron, Vasile Alecsandri, and Nicolae Iorga to favor two modems, Vintila Horia and Marin Mincu.
2) This very rapid development was possible because the theater was, in addition to literature, education and press, part of the movement that championed the nation's progress, the unity and independence of the Romanian state, and due to the activity of personalities such as Vasile Alecsandri, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Costache Negruzzi, Matei Millo, Mihail Pascaly, Costache Caragiali: the pioneers of Romanian theater.
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