city, administrative center of Vasil’kov Raion, Kiev Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 35 km southwest of Kiev. Has a railroad station. Population, 24,700 (1968). There are plants that manufacture refrigerators, household electrical appliances, and majolica products; there are also two tanneries. It has food industries (dairy and fruit-preserving plants). Vasil’kov is one of the oldest Russian cities; it was founded during the second half of the tenth century. At the beginning of the 14th century it was conquered by the Grand Principality of Lithuania. In 1686, Vasil’kov joined Russia, and since 1796 it has been the chief town of its district.

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En una serie de revueltas iniciadas en 1820, cuatro oficiales del ejercito emitieron pronunciamientos en las plazas de cuatro oscuras ciudades europeas: Las Cabezas de San Juan en Espana, Avellino en el reino de Napoles, Iaci en el Imperio Otomano y Vasilkov en Ucrania (3).
Club doctor Yuri Vasilkov reportedly diagnosed an outbreak of food poisoning caused by something the players ate or drank at the team hotel on Friday night.
Club doctor Yuri Vasilkov was said to have diagnosed food poisoning caused by something the players ate or drank at their hotel.
He] received a report that a human head and the soles of feet had been found under a little bridge near Vasilkov, a town outside Kiev.