Veduta, Pavel

Veduta, Pavel Filippovich


Born July 4 (17), 1906, in the village of Zhurovko, now in Nikolaievsk Raion, Odessa Oblast. President of the Twenty-second Congress of the CPSU Kolkhoz, in Berezov Raion, Odessa Oblast, Ukrainian SSR (since 1954). Twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1949 and 1958). Member of the CPSU since 1952.

Veduta directs a kolkhoz that is one of the most advanced in the oblast: the wheat crop was approximately 30 centners/hectare (ha), and the sugar beet crop, 400 centners/ha. Veduta was a deputy to the sixth and seventh convocations of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR. He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, two other orders, and medals.