Vejýdovsky, František

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Vejýdovsky, František


Born Oct. 24, 1849, in Koufim; died 1939. Czechoslovak zoologist.

Vejdovský graduated from the Higher Technical School in Prague in 1877. In 1879 he became professor at Charles University and was rector of this university in 1912-13. Vejdovský was a founder of present-day zoology in Czechoslovakia. He wrote works on the classification of worms, comparative anatomy, animal embryology, and hydrobiology. Vejdovský’s works in the field of cytology are especially interesting; in 1885, a year before other European scholars, he described the centrosome of the cell. Vejdovsky was a consistent evolutionist and developed the idea of Darwinism.


Tierische Organismen der Brunnenwässer. Prague, 1882.
System und Morphologie der Oligochaeten. Prague, 1884.
Zoologie všeobecná a soustavná. Prague, 1897-98.
Struktura a vývoī živehmoty. Prague, 1926-27.