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river in south Arkhangelsk Oblast, RSFSR, a left tributary of the Vaga, in the Severnaia Dvina Basin. Length, 223 km; area of basin, 5,390 sq km. In its upper reaches it flows through a weakly contoured valley, and farther down through a broad valley where the river meanders considerably; in the lower reaches the valley becomes more narrow. The Podiuga, from the left, is the major tributary of the Vel’. The average annual water flow is 47.7 cu m per sec, near the village of Balamutovskaia. The river is used for floating logs. The city of Vel’sk is located at the mouth of the Vel’ River.



Vel’iu, a river in Komi ASSR; a left tributary of the Pechora. Length, 173 km; area of basin, 4,110 sq km. The Vel’ rises in the Aiiuva Upland and flows through marshy taiga. It is winding and fed primarily by snow. Its tributaries on the right are the Bol’shoi Tebuk and the Nibel’. It is used for floating logs.

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Caption: Super Vel Copper Jacketed Lead Hollowpoint
Back then, we wondered how Super Vel got the velocity it did while staying within pressure specs.
Gen 41,38), quod stigmata carni tam luculenter impressa socios familiares latere non possent, timens nihil ominus publicare Domini sacramentum, in magno positus fuit dubitationis agone, utrum quod viderat diceret, vel taceret.
Il suo discorso, pero, si apre verso prospettive piu ampie, perche tocca in generale il problema del modo in cui una comunita ecclesiastica o civile debba darsi un governante (<<praelatus vel princeps vel rector>>) (39).
They then sequenced the coding fraction of the genomes of five donors who lack the Vel group to identify the underlying gene.
Quando analisado a VEL, os resultados do presente estudo parecem acompanhar resultados obtidos anteriormente (Campos e colaboradores, 2009), pois, os meninos da presente investigacao tambem se mostraram mais velozes na corrida de 20 metros, tendo percorrido a referida distancia em 3,44 (3,38-3,68) segundos, ao passo que meninas percorreram em 4,16 (4,01-4,31) segundos.
What is particularly interesting is that VELs define a 'molecular signature' of colon cancer.
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RW+ Besides three-dimensional computational fluid dynamic (CFD) calculations (a challenge to set-up and run, and review results so as to adjust dies), the "Profile Die Module" of the VEL offers a design tool that is quick and simple to use for profile die design in particular.