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a lake in Novgorod Oblast, RSFSR, 30 km southwest of Valdai. Area, about 35 sq km. The entire basin of the Lake Vel’e was joined to the basin of Lake Shlino by means of a blind dam that was constructed at the source of the Iavon River. Through Lake Shlino and the river emerging from it, the Shlina, the waters of Lake Vel’e feed the Tsna River, which forms part of the Vyshnii Volok water system.

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Throughout his career in the construction industry, Vele has specialized in the development of conceptual budgets based on limited information, project schedule development, value engineering, pre-purchasing, construction methodology, bid package development, bid analysis and subcontractor selection.
We opted for Veles as our business destination because the city has an industrial history that will be of help to us in recruiting staff.
Slavco Cadiev, Mayor of Veles Municipality said that he would inform about the investment once a contract has been signed with the investors from Slovakia.
Lazevski donated the prize money to the association of parents of children suffering from cerebral palsy from Veles.
That is the case with "Porcelanka" factory in Veles that is now managed by Indian Group "BRG" for making steel products and kitchen utensils made of stainless steel.
The Municipality of Veles is going to build a new industrial zone.
On 11-13 June, Veles hosted the 50th jubilee international poetry event Racin Meetings.
They proved themselves as more successful at the local elections organized on Sunday - Stevco Jakimovski, who was once part of LDP, has the lead in the Municipality of Karpos, Andrej Zernovski in the Municipality of Centar, and former LDP member Ace Kocevski also entered the second round in Veles.
Sanja Naumovska from Utrinski Vesnik stresses that Veles residents got united in their fight against the restart of the smelter but the state institutions still do not have a clear standpoint.
Dimitrieski says among other things that he and his family would move to Veles so he can run the company.
Contract notice: Transportation and accommodation of students and their mentors / staff from veles, Macedonia to barcelona, Spain and return, And from veles, Macedonia to sofia, Bulgaria and return; Preparation of contracts and certificates and preparation of narrative and financial report according to erasmus + project as inseparable purchase for vocational education and training, Mobility of students in barcelona, Spain and sofia, Bulgaria and vocational education and training, Mobility of staff in barcelona, Spain and sofia, Bulgaria.