Titov Veles

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Titov Veles:

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, town (1994 pop. 56,751), in Macedonia, on the Vardar River. It is a road and rail junction and the market center for a fruit- and vegetable-producing region. An ancient town, Veles has Roman and medieval ruins. Under Communist Yugoslav rule it was known as Titov Veles.
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Titov Veles


(until 1952, Veles), a city in Yugoslavia, in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia; situated in the Vardar River valley. Population, 39,000 (1973). A transportation junction, Titov Veles has enterprises of the metalworking, porcelain and ceramics, textile (silk and wool), and food-processing industries. Between 1941 and 1944, during World War II, the city was one of the main centers of the national liberation struggle in the Vardar region of Macedonia.

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