Venustiano Carranza

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Carranza, Venustiano


Born Dec. 29, 1859, in Cuatro Ciénegas; died May 21, 1920, in the state of Puebla. Statesman and military and political figure of Mexico.

Carranza was an important landowner. During the MexicanRevolution of 1910–17, he was one of the leaders of the nationalbourgeoisie and the landowners who had become bourgeois intheir outlook. In 1914 he was proclaimed provisional president.Carranza became president in 1917. His government accepted aconstitution (which is still in force) that was bourgeois, demo-cratic, and, to a significant degree, anti-imperialistic. However, Carranza, as a spokesman of the interests of the ruling classes, brutally suppressed the peasant and workers’ movement. He wasoverthrown as a result of a revolt and murdered during his flightfrom the capital.

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The instability of the subsoil and the lack of accessible homes in boroughs like Cuauhtemoc, Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo, and Venustiano Carranza are factors behind the migration," said the daily newspaper Reforma, citing information from specialists.
The Churubusco-Xochiaca water tunnel is designed as an additional measure to reduce seasonal flooding in the Valley of Mexico, particularly in a fragment of the Nezahualcoyotl municipality and the adjacent Venustiano Carranza district of Mexico City.
The next several chapters explore the failure of Francisco Madero's (1911-1913) short-lived liberal democracy and the resulting onset of the violent phase of the revolution, highlighted by the 1917 victory of Venustiano Carranza and Alvaro Obregon's Constitutionalist faction over that of the Conventionists of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.
So it is with the melee invading the intersection of Jesus Maria and Venustiano Carranza, the crossing of which, early in the afternoon on the first Saturday of the month, is tantamount to a slow-motion, quasi-choreographic street brawl opposing four columns of pedestrians making for each of the four cardinal points amid the throng of street vendors whose stalls occupy almost the entire breadth of the concourse, and the accompanying throng of trolley pushers and bundle porters.
paniculata, at the localities of Ixtacuaco, La Guadalupe, San Andres, San Pedro, Totomoxtle and Venustiano Carranza, in the municipalities of Papantla, San Rafael, and Tlapacoyan in north-central Veracruz state (highway distance: aprox.
The "Ottoman Clock" stands at the intersection of Venustiano Carranza and Bolivar streets at the Zocalo square in downtown Mexico City.
Para "Jose-Jesusa" (13), como la llama Poniatowska, "Zapata era muy bueno con las mujeres," mientras que Venustiano Carranza era un "grosero" que "le quita el dinero a los muertos" (12-13) al no querer pagar la pension de viudedad a las soldaderas mas jovenes.
In particular, he argues that the possibility of Japan's participation in the proposed German-Mexican alliance against the US has been underappreciated, and that Mexican President Venustiano Carranza weighed German advances much more carefully than previously considered and was in fact Germany's biggest political supporter in Mexico (227).
Venustiano Carranza was appointed primer jefe (First Chief) by his fellow revolutionaries--Francisco "Pancho" Villa, Alvaro Obregon and Emiliano Zapata--until elections could be held.
border cities, especially El Paso, was crucial to the operations of revolutionary leaders like Venustiano Carranza, who served as president of Mexico from 1915 until he was assassinated in 1920.
In their practical application, these sentiments produced deep antipathy in Wilson for Victoriano Huerta, then dictator in Mexico City, and sympathy for the rebel forces of the "constitutionalist" faction led by Venustiano Carranza and his military commander Pancho Villa.
The Rio Sabinas (130 km in length) is in northeastern Coahuila, flowing from the Sierra Santa Rosa in the municipality of Melchor Muzquiz to the Venustiano Carranza Dam in the municipality of Juarez.