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(1) (Soft-Switch) Earlier software from Soft-Switch, Inc. that converted email messages from one protocol to another using X.400 as a common base. Running on IBM mainframes and Data General minicomputers, Soft-Switch, Inc. became a division of Lotus in 1995. See X.400.

(2) A programmable switch that processes the signaling for packet-based telephony protocols. Also known as a "media gateway controller," "call agent" or "call server," telephony providers use softswitches to integrate PSTN signaling (SS7) with VoIP. Using network processors at its core, softswitches can support IP, DSL, ATM and frame relay transports in the same unit. The softswitch's programmability enables it to adapt to future protocols. See IP telephony, VoIP and SIP.

It Should Be Able To...
According to the International Softswitch Consortium, a softswitch should be able to (1) control connection services for a media gateway and/or native IP endpoints, (2) select processes that can be applied to a call, (3) provide routing for a call within the network based on signaling and customer database information, (4) transfer control of the call to another network element, and (5) interface to and support management functions such as provisioning and billing.

Softswitch Infrastructure
This shows how a softswitch fits into the integrated SS7 and VoIP worlds. (Illustration assistance courtesy of GNP Computers and
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Veraz Networks (Nasdaq:VRAZ) on Friday announced receipt of a letter from the Nasdaq Stock Market stating that the minimum closing bid price of the Veraz's common stock was below USD1.
Summary: Dialogic Corporation, a pioneer in enabling interactive mobile video services and applications, and Veraz Networks (NASDAQ: VRAZ), a leading provider of bandwidth optimization and next generation switching products, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge.
This new ControlSwitch release further extends Veraz's leadership in VoIP network interconnect solutions," said Dawn Hogh, vice president, Marketing of Veraz Networks.
Russia and CIS countries are strategic markets for Veraz," notes Gregory Litinsky, VP Russia and CIS of Veraz Networks.
Veraz Networks Inc(Nasdaq:VRAZ), a provider of IP softswitch and media gateway solutions, announced on Tuesday (27 November) that ONEMAX, a broadband wireless provider, has officially launched the company's WiMAX 802.
In addition, stockholders of Veraz may obtain free copies of the documents filed with the SEC by contacting Veraz's Investor Relations department at (408) 750-9400 or Investor Relations, Veraz Networks, Inc.
Veraz Networks Inc (NASDAQ:VRAZ), a provider of voice infrastructure solutions for wireline and wireless service providers, has received a non-compliance letter from the NASDAQ Stock Market, the company reported on Friday.
The Veraz-Comarch solution delivers an industry-leading carrier prepaid solution, solving both the interworking complexity for carriers across multiple switching platforms, as well as the real-time reporting and credit control required in this environment," said Dawn Hogh, vice president of Marketing for Veraz Networks.
While we are encouraged by the market response to this new product, we saw lower than anticipated overall revenues for Q2, largely driven by restrictions in shipping already accepted orders in India--an issue that is being experienced by many of the technology companies selling into Indian carriers," said Doug Sabella, Chief Executive Officer of Veraz Networks.
Veraz Networks Inc (Nasdaq:VRAZ) on Wednesday reported a GAAP net loss of USD5.
Veraz Networks Inc (Nasdaq: VRAZ) has received notice from the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq) confirming that the company has regained compliance with the USD1.
The company has scheduled a special meeting of Veraz shareholders on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 9:00am at Veraz Networks, 925 Rock Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131.