Vermont, University of

Vermont, University of,

officially named the Univ. of Vermont and State Agricultural College, at Burlington; land-grant and state supported; chartered 1791, opened 1800. The university has a state agricultural experiment station, forestry and water resources research centers, and a museum of art.
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Other colleges and universities that have participated in the Kleercut campaign by removing Kimberly-Clark products from their campuses include Harvard University, University of Miami, Rice University, American University, Wesleyan University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Vermont, University of Florida and Northern Arizona University.
Researchers from the University of Vermont, University of British Columbia, and Environ Health Sciences Institute found that no other single food provides more calories to a teenager's diet than sodas and fruit drinks.
Internship in Internal Medicine, Medical Center Hospital of Vermont, University of Vermont, 1976-1978.
Some of the institutions that will be testing FlowLab are: Dartmouth College, University of Vermont, University of Maryland, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Delaware, University of Iowa, Iowa State University and Wayne State University.