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It is possible to vertex color the above fuzzy graph with the following assignment of colors.
The program first vertex color the graph by calling procedure greedycol (v, 0, C[] , vMax, cMax) where
New features in the 3ds max 6 software release will include: advanced schematic view for easier viewing and better management of complex scenes; integrated mental ray(R) rendering software; vertex color painting; design visualization tools and interchange support with Autodesk and other computer-aided design (CAD) and CAD-related solutions; integrated reactor(R) 2 with stuntman and vehicle dynamics; distributed network texture baking, and features that provide greater accessibility to the software for power users.
With new features and enhancements, including additions and improvements such as multiple UV texturing vertex color shading, interactive editing of shading normals, and additions to the Saaphire SDK, this new version builds upon Softimage's renowned 3-D character animation and special effects software.
Enhanced Vertex Color Shading - provides more flexibility for controlling use of vertex colors, especially for developers of next-generation console games.
With this Windows 95 based toolkit, developers can convert and preview object and texture data including support of vertex color on the PC through DirectX.
You are now ready to move on to Blender to clean up the mesh and convert the vertex colors to a UV Map
sharing index, position and UV coordinates while using unique vertex colors per object
texture coordinates, vertex colors, weights, and shapes across
SetVertexColors' allows users to set vertex colors on selected vertices quickly.
fog, haze) -- Projected shadows -- Collision detection toolkit -- Vertex colors -- Inheritance of textures, colors and materials through hierarchies -- Free-form deformation toolkit -- Stereoscopic capability -- Demand loadable device drivers -- General improvements in performance and functionality