Veterinary Hospital

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Veterinary Hospital


(1) A treatment and prophylactic institution designated for outpatient and inpatient treatment of animals and for carrying out medical and veterinary prophylactic measures. The best veterinary hospitals, which are supplied with special equipment, provide animals with therapeutic, surgical, and obstetrical treatment, perform a full range of clinical laboratory tests, give planned and emergency protective inoculations, and carry out veterinary sanitary measures for the control of animal diseases. Veterinary hospitals are classified according to their zones of service in the USSR as raion, district, and municipal. They are supported by funds from the budgets of the corresponding area and are under the supervision of local agricultural and soviet organs.

(2) The principal functional building of a veterinary service on a kolkhoz or sovkhoz that is concerned with livestock, where its establishment is stipulated by Norms for the Technological Design of Veterinary Units. The veterinary hospital includes the veterinarian’s office, animal reception area, pharmacy, examining room, and storeroom for biological supplies.

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DPC is a full-service veterinary hospital in Davie, Florida open 7 days a week.
The British Veterinary Hospital saw a 12 per cent increase in new pet registrations this January compared to 2017.
There will be some sadness in relocating from the Maple Street Hospital, but having worked all of my professional life in a veterinary hospital that was designed in the 1950s, I can't wait to be able to welcome my clients to the new stateof-the-art hospital.
PUPPY LOVE Team at Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital with terriers
Pathway owns over 30 general and specialty veterinary hospitals, providing systems and processes to enhance productivity and improve medical services while maintaining the practice's local culture and community identity.
Going forward, Innovetive Petcare seeks to acquire other profitable general practice and specialty/emergency veterinary hospitals.
Shogun who is at Zabeel Veterinary Hospital will need extensive treatment including physical and hydrotherapy to get him back to normal.
Simon, who has been a clinical director at Avonvale for the last ten years, oversees the clinical work and out of hours emergency service at their RCVS veterinary hospital in Broxell Close, Warwick.
But staff at Croeso Veterinary Hospital, in Gabalfa, ruled out putting him down.
But staff at Croeso Veterinary Hospital, in Gabalfa, fell in love with the caramel and white puppy and ruled out putting him down.
An update on Twitter yesterday read: "Camelot has arrived at Coolmore from Fethard Veterinary Hospital and is in good shape.
The canine/feline specialty program involved two years of in-depth case study and reviews by Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital doctors, as well as attendance of national continuing education seminars.

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