employers' liability

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employers' liability:

see workers' compensationworkers' compensation,
payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.
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Given that the trial court in the Calderon Action had instructed the jury on vicarious liability concepts, and in light of the nature of the plaintiff's cause of action against Parx in the Calderon Action, the stipulation of the parties in the Calderon Action agreeing that Parx assumed liability for the actions or failures to act of its employees or agents, and the absence of specific interrogatories, the appellate court concluded that ACE had not met its burden to demonstrate that the jury in the Calderon Action had based its punitive damages award solely on Parx's direct negligence.
Cyber/Privacy: Although not new coverage, it is probably the least understood and a major vicarious liability exposure.
In common law vicarious liability refers to situations where one person is liable for another's unlawful conduct irrespective of fault by the first person.
Outside of the maritime law setting, courts frequently recognize principles of vicarious liability for medical negligence and impose liability on a variety of employers, even if they are not in the health care industry.
This regime is, in practical effect, strikingly similar to the regime used to determine the liability of local governments under [section] 1983, where vicarious liability has been formally rejected by the Supreme Court.
The law of vicarious liability under law of torts is only applicable in civil matters.
However, the issue of franchisor vicarious liability was being decided in other courts across the nation, which weighed in favor of the California Supreme Court providing guidance as well.
The company said the platform is critical in a time when banks and credit granters may experience vicarious liability for agencies acting to collect debt on their behalf.
Broader Application of ESA Vicarious Liability Resulting in