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in criminal procedure, a citizen who has suffered moral, physical, or property injury as a result of a crime. In the USSR the victim is given a broad range of procedural rights, including the right to present evidence, to submit petitions and challenges, to appeal the actions of the body that is handling the case, to participate in the trial, and to appeal the judgment. Some proceedings are instituted only upon complaint of the victim. In instances provided for by law, the victim may press charges in the case, but a reconciliation with the accused will lead to dismissal of the case. The victim has the right to have a representative, and he may bring a civil suit. Enterprises, establishments, and organizations that have suffered damage from a crime may participate in court proceedings only as civil plaintiffs.

What does it mean when you dream about being a victim?

Being a victim in a dream or seeing another being victimized may denote a condition about which the dreamer feels helpless. Because the victim/rescuer theme is so widespread in life, dreams about victimization can also echo past experiences in which one felt victimized.

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It says gross income will not include amounts an employer pays by reason of the death of an employee who is specified as a terrorist victim.
Thirty-six percent of the victims (n = 5) were employees, 36% (n = 5) were students, and 29% (n = 4) were members of the general public.
Like education and health care, victim services should be a continuum of care that fully serves the victim and makes him or her an integral part of the criminal justice process.
A completely different attitude towards the victim is found in the case of the married Chieltje Claes.
The data reported to the national Program about victim officers show that the average age of the 51 officers slain during 2000 was 38.
If I had refused, I would have been killed together with the victims.
For the past 19 years, researchers have consistently noted that female rape victims more often report the crime to police if the rapist was a stranger than if a husband, boyfriend, date, or acquaintance committed the offense.
The lifeguard should demonstrate on the deck the ability to ventilate a victim, using simulated artificial respiration.
Community order for 12 months with PS40 costs, PS60 victim surcharge and ordered to pay PS40.
Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime they have suffered, they will always be put first and given the best service possible.
Being a victim of crime can ruin lives and can undermine public confidence in policing and our entire criminal justice system if the support is inadequate.