Video CD

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Video CD

A Compact Disc (CD) format introduced in 1993 that holds full-motion video. Developed by Panasonic, Philips, Sony and JVC, a Video CD (VCD) holds 74 minutes of VHS-quality video and CD-quality sound using MPEG-1 compression. A Super Video CD (SVCD) format was later introduced that used MPEG-2, but playing time was reduced to as little as 35 minutes. Introduced three years before the first DVD players were available, VCDs did not catch on in North America, but were popular in Asia. Video CDs can be played on many CD-ROM and DVD drives as well as CD-I and 3DO players. Specifications for this format are defined in the "White Book." See DVD.

  Video CD Resolutions                     VCD         SVCD

  NTSC (30 fps)      352x240     480x480

  PAL/SECAM (25 fps) 352/288     480x576
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Valid Thursday April 2 until Sunday April 5 Terms and Conditions To claim your free Jetix Interactive Video CD at Blockbuster, take this voucher along to your nearest Blockbuster store while stocks last.
USB Instant Video CD enables users to turn their camcorders into a live webcam over the internet, utilise it for video conferencing, create and share home movies over the Internet, as well as to edit and archive their videos onto CDs, claims the company.
Video CD Maker supports only digital camcorders, and burns CD, VCD and SVCD and data to CD media.
The Terapin Video CD Recorder captures video input from camcorders, TVs, VCRs, DVDs or cable boxes and writes it to either a CD-R or CD-RW.
Based on the compact-digital disc specification, Video CD (VCD) is a multimedia standard that supports the storage of audio and video data types.
Bai Wai Min, chairwoman of the conference and the deputy director of broadcast and television of the China Ministry of Electronics Industry, stated, "I am pleased to see that the direction of Video CD now includes education, game, and Internet features.
one of the largest Chinese name brand VCR manufacturers and currently a leading supplier of video CD players.
We have four of the top five manufacturers of video CD players in China, as well as Sony Corporation in Japan, as customers," declared Johnston Chen, vice president of Asia-Pacific Sales at ESS.
A CD/DVD recorder and Roxio's Toast 6 Titanium software are required to create DVDs or Video CDs.
Mountain, "As a market leader in video CD chips, ESS gives our company insight into new market trends.
The ES3204 has been selected by leading Video CD player manufacturers, Wearnes Group of Singapore and its U.
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