a town in Balv Raion, Latvian SSR, in the north-eastern part of the republic. Situated on Lake Vijaka, 8 km southwest of the railroad station Vecumi on the Riga-Pytalovo line. Population, 2,800 (1969). Vijaka processes flax and produces dairy products and knitwear. The settlement has been known since the 13th century, and it has been a town since 1945.

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Tenders are invited for State Regional Motorway P35 Gulbene - Balvi - Vilaka - Russian border (Sunny) km 2,14 - 12,68 rebuild
At the same time in Vilaka, another town in Latgale, a few hundred people were "protesting around the town hall and blocking traffic.
In addition, part of the P-45 road, some 7 km between Vilaka and Karsava, will be overhauled.
444 / 00- 675/56 Kubuli, Viksnas, Berzkalne parish, Balvi district, Susa Kuprava, iguri parishes Vilaka Liepnas district and parish of the Aluksne district restoration of the building design and production supervision