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, Rus. Vilna, Pol. Wilno, city (1993 pop. 590,100), capital of Lithuania, on the Neris River. It is a rail and highway junction, a commercial and industrial city, and a center of education and the arts.
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, Lithuania.
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A different homiletical approach is ascribed to Elijah Gaon of Vilna, who is thought to have seen in the Talmudic debate (TB Shabbat 115a-b) about rescuing books from a fire on the Sabbath a halakhic dictum banning the study of Ketuvim (the Hagiographa or "Writings") on Shabbat.
While the chapter is based on fascinating documents written at the time, it is a shame that Taft does not introduce the individual texts at the beginning of the chapter but instead uses phrasing such as "Ten diaries and chronicles that were written in the ghettos of Warsaw, Lodz, Vilna and Kovno throughout this eighteen-month period have been selected and analysed in order to understand the different levels of awareness and the various ways in which people in these communities came to understand what was happening (17).
By this time, however, both Napoleon and his foreign minister were in Vilna, directing the assault on Russia.
Then, after returning briefly to his destroyed Vilna, he spent two years in Paris, active in reconstituting the cultural life of the vast colony of Yiddish-speaking refugees.
Berlewi made a poster for the Vilna Trupe's production of the play The Dybbuk in Warsaw in 1921, and he returned to Jewish motifs after his abstract Mechano-fakturas (Mechanofactures) of 1923-24.
He was convicted for capturing Poles and Jews, including women and children, trying to escape from the Vilna Ghetto.
As is clear from Gilbert's material, even though there were commonalities, each situation, be it ghetto or concentration camp, had its own unique issues, pertaining not only to artistic personages, but also to historical contexts and the actions of political leaders such as Jacob Gens in Vilna and Chaim Rumkowski in Lodz.
Based on information provided by witnesses, deputies focused their search on Vilna Avenue, about one block from the bank.
June, 24 - The Germans capture Vilna, Brest-Litovsk and Kaunas.
The task of the campaign shall be the salvation of the great Yeshivoth (8) which this war has uprooted from their sites, whose faculties and student bodies (approximately 4,000 (9) bearers of the Light of Learning) are today refugees in Vilna, inadequately clad against the rigors of winter, starving and exhausted.
m Tuesday, December 13, 2011, Mass in Our Lady of Vilna Church, 151 Sterling St.
Vilna Perrot, 62, of Monmouth, South Wales, is taking businessman son Andrew, 39, to the county court because he is refusing to give back the pedigree golden retrievers he took into his care when she was sent to jail.