(Wave), a workers’ Social Democratic newspaper. It appeared in Riga from Nov. 9 (22), 1913, through July 1914 as the legal organ of the Lithuanian Cultural Center, which existed under the auspices of the Riga Social Democratic Committee of the Latvian Krai; it was published jointly with representatives of the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania. Circulation was about 3,000.

Vilnis was published weekly beginning Feb. 1 (14), 1914. Its director was V. S. Mickevicius-Kapsukas; active contributors included V. Rekasius and J. Janonis. V. I. Lenin called Vilnis a Pra vda -oriented newspaper (see Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 25, p. 248). The tenth issue of Vilnis, published Apr. 12 (25), 1914, printed Lenin’s work The National Equality Bill. The newspaper was subjected to continual repression and was shut down by the authorities after the 23rd issue. From June 19 (July 2) through July 9 (22), 1917, Vilnis was published under the editorship of K. Rimŝa as the Bolshevik organ of the Lithuanian Region (section) of the Riga Social Democratic Committee of Latvia. (Four is-sues were published in 1917; circulation was 3,000.)


Maliukevičius, R. Lietaviy darbininkif, laikrastis “Vilnis.” Vilnius, 1959.
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