Vincent of Beauvais

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Vincent of Beauvais

(bōvā`), c.1190–c.1264, French Dominican friar. He was the author of three of the four parts of the Speculum majus, of great value as a summary of the knowledge of his time. The part entitled "Morals" is of unknown authorship, but is not by him. The three parts written by him are entitled "Nature," "Instruction," and "History." In "Nature," the order followed is that of the six days of creation described in Genesis. "Instruction" ranges from the liberal arts to the mechanical arts. The "History" epitomizes the story of man since Adam as it was understood by 13th-century scholars.


See A. Gabriel, The Educational Ideas of Vincent of Beauvais (2d ed. 1962).

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Chapter 6 opens with paragraphs dedicated to what are called the three most important medieval encyclopedias, composed by members of the new mendicant orders: De proprietatibus rerum by the Franciscan friar Bartolomeo Anglico (often referred to in previous studies by his Latin name), the Dominican theologian Thomas of Cantimpre's De natura rerum--designed to be "la summa delle summe" (56)--and the Speculum maius by Vincent of Beauvais (called here Vincenzo, but known also as Vincentius Bellovacensis or Burgundus).
Antonino quotes, almost verbatim, Vincentius Bellovacensis, bk.