Gaius Julius Vindex

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Vindex, Gaius Julius


Year of birth unknown; died A.D. 68. Roman general. A Gaul who descended from an ancient Aquitanian royal family.

While governor of Northern Gaul, Vindex excited rebellion against Nero in the spring of 68. In this he was supported by Galba, the governor of Tarraconian Spain, and Verginius Rufus, the governor of Germany. In the vicinity of Vesontio (present-day Besangon), the troops of Verginius Rufus, without orders from above, attacked Vindex’ army, which was passing their camp. They presumed that the latter was marching against them. Vindex committed suicide.

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Optimus ille animi vindex laedentia pectus Vincula qui rupit, dedoluitque semel.
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9) When a speech of Nero against the rebel Vindex was being read in the senate (Ner.
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The experiment was also discussed by Libert Froidmont in his AntAristarchus, sive orbis Terrae immobilis (1631), and again in his Vesta, sive Ant-Aristarchi vindex (1634).
Calvinus sincerioris religionis vindex = Calvin as protector of the purer religion.
Chifflet was nicknamed the Vindex Hispanicus because of his ability to defend the interests of the Habsburgs, the Spanish crown, and the governor of the Spanish Netherlands and Franche Comte.
La filiation est interessante, car en 1833, Maguire avait publie sous la signature Vindex Le clerge canadien venge par ses ennemis, un pamphlet dirige contre un Francais, Isidore-Frederic-Thomas Lebrun.
Mr Gough,now 79, served on bothAtlantic and Russian convoy duty, based on the carriers Vindex and Nairama, classed as Ordinary Escorts.
The West Virginia DEP also presented four statewide environmental awards for exhibiting exemplary construction and innovative drainage techniques to Arch Coal's Mingo Logan Coal Company and its Mountain Laurel mining complex, Coal-Mac's Pine Branch mine and Vindex Energy.