viral marketing

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viral marketing

(1) See also viral programming.

(2) Viral marketing is an online advertising approach that functions like word-of-mouth. The ad is disseminated via links in e-mail, blogs and websites that point to a service or product people might want. The "viral" refers to the speed with which the ad propagates to others and has nothing to do with computer viruses; its purpose is strictly advertising.

The term was attributed to venture capital firm DFJ ( after its investment in Hotmail grew dramatically. Hotmail automatically put an advertisement at the end of everybody's e-mail message suggesting that whoever is reading it signs up for Hotmail too. In a year and a half, more than 12 million people became Hotmail subscribers.

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The most common viral marketing is a sharing link, whereby every visitor to a website is invited to share the articles or blog posts on the site, or the site itself, with others (see social sharing). See viral video and sneezing.
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There have been many studies on viral advertising, in general, but very few specifically examined viral video advertising.
com/in/scottjamesbutton), CEO of Unruly Media, believes that viral advertising is poised for exponential growth in France this year: "So much strong work came out of France in 2009 and the social media landscape is so vibrant that France was the obvious next market for us.
Video games have become serious business with the rise of viral advertising.
Prezence offers services including new-media, flash cards, web creation, music promotions, corporate design, print, video, CD roms, enhanced e- mails, mass e-mail and online viral advertising campaigns.
HAMBURG, Germany, May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The fact that successful viral advertising doesn't always have to come from the USA or England has been impressively demonstrated recently by the Hamburg ad agency Grabarz&Partner for its client Bontrust.
Greggs brought in the suitably no-nonsense comedian, Paddy McGuinness, to be the face of the brand and has made excellent use of viral advertising.
A spokeswoman for Ford said: 'We thought people would be amused not offended, especially in the context of viral advertising -where the images are just intended to be circulated via e-mail.
Formulating strategic partnerships with different sites enables a wider reach of free online viral advertising, resulting in potential box office return," says Robert.
Selected by The Reel , the cutting-edge online service showcasing the best in TV, cinema and viral advertising from around the world, the 10 finalists for the second category are:
VIRURL is an online marketplace that allows brands and media owners to create instant viral advertising campaigns on the web.
Notably, a 12-minute video created for Schweppes picked up Gold Lion in the Viral Advertising category.