Virgin Lands

Virgin Lands


unplowed lands covered by natural vegetation. Compared to old plowed lands, the soils of virgin lands contain more humus, nitrogen, and other plant nutrients in the root zone. They also have a better texture and greater compactness. There are fewer weed seeds and a lower level of vital activity by microorganisms. The soils have a distinctive water regime: in arid regions they dry out more, but in moist regions they have a high water content.

There are four primary types of virgin lands in the USSR. Steppe virgin lands have chernozem and chestnut soils. In the European USSR they are almost exclusively in preserves (Aska-niia-Nova in Kherson Oblast and Kamennaia Step’ in Voronezh Oblast). Steppe virgin lands in Soviet Asia (northern, western, and northeastern Kazakhstan, Siberia, and the Trans-Ural region) are almost completely developed.

The virgin lands of the southern steppes and semideserts are confined to the extremely arid regions with light chestnut, brown semidesert, and gray soils (central and southern Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, Azerbaijan). Development of the virgin lands in these regions involves irrigation and special measures to improve salinized soils.

Floodplain virgin lands are widespread in the nonchernozem zone; they are less common in other natural zones. For development, they require drainage and soil cultivation.

The virgin lands of the marshes of the nonchernozem zone of the European USSR, Siberia, the Far East, and Transcaucasia (Colchis) also need preliminary drainage and cultivation.

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Half-drawn up upon the beach lay an equal number of Spanish galleons, unmanned, for the country was still a virgin land behind a veil.
Open Competition: Works concerning the kulturtehnicheskih activities on irrigated Salbura estuary on the territory of the Republic of Kalmykia virgin lands
The influential landlords', politicians' and timber mafias' greed for virgin lands and cheap wood has destroyed forests.
It has provided local farmers with hybrid seeds to be planted on virgin lands, implemented irrigation systems to optimise the consumption of water, and has set up collection centres to assist the farmers in the harvest season.
Serves: 4 Ingredients 300g cooked and peeled tiger prawns 2 pink grapefruit, cut into segments 2 white grapefruit, cut into segments 15g pack fresh dill, chopped 2 ripe avocados, peeled, stoned and thinly sliced 50g pack wild rocket 2 limes (1 for juice, the other for garnishing) 1 tbsp Virgin Lands avocado oil Method Using a small, sharp knife, slice each prawn in half lengthways through the middle.
But forget about rampaging armies, this is more a tale of beautiful visions in virgin lands.
The objectives of this study were: (i) to determine the content, forms, and distribution of K in cultivated soils and adjoining virgin lands in relation to clay mineralogy composition and other properties; (ii) to group the soil series based on availability of their exchangeable K status; and (iii) to investigate the long-term effects of cultivation on the K status of sugar beet-growing calcareous soils.
The feedstock will come from wood chips and wheat stalks - byproducts of forest and agricultural activities that are occurring already, thereby resulting in no conversion in land uses and placing no pressure on virgin lands.
In the 1950s, millions of Russians and Ukrainians were sent to northern Kazakhstan to man new mines, steel plants, refineries and other industries established to plough up fertile but arid virgin lands, while huge sections of the country became testing sites for the Soviet military.
We do not believe that huge commercial agriculture projects that allow for the destruction of thousands of acres of forests and virgin lands are good development models.
They begin by studying how climate affects agriculture in Russia, and then describe in detail the differences among various periods, including the pre- and post-revolutionary, the era of collectivization, post-war recovery, the Virgin Lands campaign, and the periods of agricultural intensification and stagnation experienced from 1965 to 1990.
the legends of men conquering wild and virgin lands are not the legends of black America;.

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