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The complete, mature virus particle.



a mature virus particle or elementary virus corpuscle. A virion consists of nucleic acid (RNA or DNA), hereditary (genetic) material encased in a shell of protein subunits (molecules or aggregates of molecules). The virions of more complexly organized viruses may have external membranes (containing proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates) or special formations, as in bacteriophages.


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01 with respect to normal virions ((a): different times; (b): different concentrations).
Pure virions of HIV, the sine qua non for establishing a veritable gold standard, have never been obtained from an AIDS patient or from an "HIV-positive" individual.
Small-molecule inhibition of HIV-1 replication by specific targeting of the final step of virion maturation.
The infective dose was unknown but was and is believed to be only a few (<100) virions.
10] virions in 55 [micro]L of TBS) were loaded into each well of a flat-bottomed 96-well microtiter plate, and the plate was incubated overnight at 4[degrees]C.
Virions are <<40 nm in diameter and have a dense core of 25-30 nm (Figure 2, panel B).
Samples of Bacillus spores, Erwinia cells, and M52 virions were analyzed at the same time.
The structure and antigenic repertoire of the DermaVir-expressed proteins and VLP+ are similar to wild-type HIV virions, giving them the ability to induce functional and long-lived HIV-specific immune responses in people living with HIV disease.
We will determine whether picornavirus virions assemble from capsid protein protomers around the condensed genome or if the genome is packaged into a pre-formed empty capsid.
For viral morphology, Ebola and Hendra virions together would resemble a "capellini in a light sauce of capers.
Unexpectedly, the work of the Inserm researchers discovered that phosphatidylserine is abundantly expressed at the surface of virions and that it was essential that the TIM and TAM receptors recognize the phosphatidylserine to allow infection of target cells.
Alameda, CA) has patented a method for using recombinant adeno-associated virus virions for delivery of DNA molecules to muscle cells and tissue.