Virtual Reality Modeling Language

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Virtual Reality Modeling Language

[‚vər·chə·wəl rē‚al·əd·ē ′mäd·əl·iŋ ‚laŋ·gwij]
(computer science)
The markup specification for three-dimentional (virtual reality) objects and environments on the Web. Abbreviated VRML.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language

(virtual reality, language)
(VRML) A draft specification for the design and implementation of a platform-independent language for virtual reality scene description.

VRML 1.0 was released on 1995-05-26.


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Platinum Technology is using virtual reality modeling language (VRML) software in business data visualization applications such as its recently announced Forest & Trees, while rival Computer Associates has bought a pair of 3D content companies to accelerate the adoption of 3D application interfaces into the enterprise (CI No 3,530).
SPLINE, like Java and Virtual Reality Modeling Language, is middleware and is directed at application developers constructing social-virtual-reality systems for markets such as health care, education, engineering and gaming.
Media Machines was founded in 1999 by Tony Parisi, one of the original authors of the pioneering 3D Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and widely recognized as an expert in standards, technologies and emerging markets for interactive rich media.
Platinum agrees, but where CA has chosen to buy libraries of object models, Platinum has invested heavily in two pioneers of virtual reality modeling language (VRML): InterVista and Cosmo.
More information on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), the Consortium's ongoing Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics and CAD standards activities and Consortium membership is available at http://www.
The Virtual Reality Toolbox 2, built upon the standard Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) technology, allows customers to create three-dimensional scenes and manipulate them from within MATLAB and Simulink.
0 is an extension of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) that allows for accurate rendering of geographic data, giving Internet users the ability to integrate all forms of 3-D content into real world scenes.
InPart contains component search tools, virtual reality modeling language (VRML) models for visualization, 2D and 3D geometry, technical specifications and the capability to alert users to manufacturer changes in their components, specification or availability.
InPart supports multiple search options, including graphical searches, and also provides virtual reality modeling language (VRML) model previews prior to a user download.
The award-winning solution is based on Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), the industry standard for 3D on the Web, and recently received an "Awesome" rating from NewMedia Magazine.
24, 1998--Bittco Solutions today launched NeuralVRSite(TM), a service that transforms Web sites and browser bookmark files into Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).
17, 1998--Ligos Technology, a leading developer of 3-D and multimedia authoring software for the Internet, announced today it has begun taking orders for the VRML Courseware for Higher Education in conjunction with the Virtual Reality Modeling Language Symposium 1998 (VRML 98), the VRML industry's annual trade show.

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