Virtual Storage Access Method

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Virtual Storage Access Method

(VSAM) An IBM disk file storage scheme first used in S/370 and virtual storage. VSAM comprises three access methods: Keyed Sequenced Data Set (KSDS), Relative Record Data Set (RRDS), and Entry Sequenced Data Set (ESDS).

Both IMS/DB and DB2 are implemented on top of VSAM and use its underlying data structures.

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The only non-IBM product in the ITC product line, Xbridge Host Data Connect allows browsers and Windows(R) applications to directly access Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), Queued Sequential Access Method (QSAM) and DataBase 2 (DB2) data.
SnapShot for MVS will be enhanced to include support for the Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) at the data set level; this support is planned for availability in December of this year.

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