Virtual Temperature

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virtual temperature

[′vər·chə·wəl ′tem·prə·chər]
In a system of moist air, the temperature of dry air having the same density and pressure as the moist air.

Virtual Temperature


(of humid air), the temperature of dry air at which its density is equal to the density of the humid air being studied at the same pressure. In problems of atmospheric statics, the actual air is replaced by dry air of the same density by using the virtual temperature, which simplifies barometric formulas. The virtual temperature is higher than the true temperature; it is determined in degrees of an absolute scale by the formula Tv = T(l 0.605s), where T is the true temperature and s is the specific humidity. The use of virtual temperature is meaningful in cases when the air contains a high percentage of moisture. Virtual temperature can be considered to be equal to real temperature when it is below 0° C or when the relative humidity is low.

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The VENTUS-X measures air density, wind speed, wind direction, virtual temperature, as well as air pressure and delivers the data in real time.
In addition to comparisons between the experimental and modeling cooling curves, more modeling efforts can be focused on finding appropriate simulation setups so the virtual temperature distributions can be as close to the experimental ones as possible.

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