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virtual terminal

(1) Software in a user's computer that emulates a particular type of hardware terminal in order to access a server. When personal computers began to proliferate in the late 1980s, virtual terminals enabled users to access the corporate minicomputers and mainframes from their PCs without having to use dedicated terminals. Also called "terminal emulation."

(2) Web browser-based access to a merchant services site for authorizing and entering credit card purchases. Instead of a physical terminal that can read the magnetic stripe on the card, the account information has to be manually typed in; however, it enables access from any online computer.

(3) Providing access to a database or an information system via a common interface such as a Web browser on any user's computer.
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Unlike most virtual terminals on the market that have a dated design and were built for use exclusively on computer displays, the Clearent virtual terminal has a simple, responsive design.
As a leading provider of virtual terminals, we are very pleased to add Yapital as an innovative cross-channel payment solution to our portfolio.
22 installation service virtual terminals in network department of pathology, the general hospital "san juan de dios" guatemala
Buying six new PCs for a classroom would have cost around $6,000, rather than the approximately $2,000 the district paid to equip a classroom with a new, host PC and virtual terminals, including monitors, mice and keyboards.
Like virtual terminals, online payment processors typically allow you to export the payment entries so you can load them into your constituent database.
The company offers a full range of services including merchant credit card processing, credit card terminal leasing and rental, TransArmor fraud prevention, and solutions such as gift cards and virtual terminals.
Virtual terminals are web-based secure platforms which easily integrate payment processing and business critical processes with ubiquitous client side applications and devices.
OREM, Utah, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Merchants, micro-merchants, and consumers that process payments on mobile devices through swipe readers, virtual terminals, and Near Field Communication (NFC), will soon have a powerful new weapon in their arsenal: the MobileScan app from SecurityMetrics, an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and leading provider of payment data security and compliance solutions.
Our Universal Payment Software product, when enhanced with our IPPS (Internet Payment Processing Software) provides online payment solutions, transaction processing and gateway services as well as virtual terminals, shopping carts and commercial web-marketing site development to e-commerce merchants.
Government contractors and suppliers that utilize FTSWPA services can choose from virtual terminals, shopping carts, accounting software integration, access to multiple front and back end processors, and Level 2 and 3 processing capabilities required by government agencies.
In addition to advanced security solutions, BluePay provides PCI compliant payment gateways, mobile credit card processing, and efficient virtual terminals.

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