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A variety of technologies for managing computer resources by providing a software interface, known as an "abstraction layer," between the software (operating system and applications) and the hardware. Virtualization turns "physical" RAM and storage into "logical" resources. Following are the ways virtualization is used. See logical vs. physical.

Hardware Virtualization
Partitioning the computer's memory into separate and isolated "virtual machines" simulates multiple machines within one physical computer. It enables multiple copies of the same or different operating systems to run in the computer and also prevents applications from interfering with each other. See virtual machine and OS virtualization.

Network and Storage Virtualization
In a network, virtualization consolidates multiple devices into a logical view so they can be managed from a single console (see network virtualization). Virtualization also enables multiple storage devices to be accessed the same way no matter what their type or location (see storage virtualization).

Application Virtualization
Computer people love the word "virtualization," and vendors use the term for virtually anything. Numerous technologies fall under the umbrella of "application virtualization," some of which have been around for decades, while others are at the forefront. See application virtualization.
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A solution to this dilemma is Port Virtualization Technology.
We are beginning to use iPads and are rolling out AppSense's user virtualization technology with them," said Nick Volosin, ISS director of technical services at Kaweah Delta Health Care District.
Shandong Province has started to promote virtualization technology since last year and the first group of pilot clients includes the provincial and municipal departments, municipal information departments, as well as 20 other large and medium-sized enterprises.
Compliance with ETSI's group (NFV ISG) that promotes virtualization technology is considered important for successful implementation of virtualization technology.
CiRBA's virtualization analytics software enables these complex decisions to be based on empirical analysis of the best fit between the unique attributes of each virtualization technology and the unique technical and non-technical considerations associated with an IT environment that impact the success and efficiency of virtualization deployments.
the global provider of application virtualization software, today announced another solid year of growth in 2006 with revenues and client wins up 60 percent from 2005, as global demand for virtualization technology continues to increase.
An IDC industry analyst report published last September cited SWsoft as growing fastest among all vendors in the hot overall market for virtualization technology.
TruSurround HD[TM] is a robust multichannel virtualization technology which accepts input from up to a 7 channel (6.
With virtualization technology, the server can effectively be split into many small ones, each running its tasks so that the whole server is utilized more efficiently.