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(vēs), Gr. Issa, Ital. Lissa, island, 35 sq mi (91 sq km), Croatia, off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic. A popular resort, its chief industries are fishing, citrus farming, and wine making. Its chief town, also named Vis, is a picturesque village on the north coast. Ancient Issa was a Greek colony from the 4th cent. B.C. and later prospered under the Romans. From 996 to 1797 it was a Venetian possession, and in the Napoleonic Wars (1803–15) it changed hands among the Austrians, the French, and the British. From the Congress of Vienna (1815) until 1918 the island belonged to Hungary. Two important naval battles occurred off Vis: in 1811, the British won a victory over the French, and in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 the Austrians under Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff thoroughly defeated the Italian fleet. There are many ancient remains on the island, notably Roman baths, mosaic pavements, and several old Roman Catholic and Orthodox Eastern churches.



an island in the Adriatic Sea, in the group of Dalmatian Islands, belonging to Yugoslavia. Area, 90.3 sq km; population, about 7,000 (1961). The island is composed of chalky limestones. Its relief is a strongly karsted plateau reaching 587 m in altitude in the west. The average January temperature is about 19° C and that of July is 24° C. Precipitation is about 560 mm a year. Vis is covered with evergreen oak forests and shrubs. There is viticulture and sea fishing. The town of Vis is in the north.

vis, vice, vise

A spiral staircase generally of stone, whose steps wind around a central shaft or newel; a screw stair.


(1) (Voice Information Service) A variety of voice processing service applications.

(2) (Visible Image Size) The actual viewing area on a CRT. In the late 1990s, the CRT industry had an honesty attack and began to provide the actual viewing size along with the overall designation (14", 15", 17" etc.) which had always been slightly exaggerated. See viewable image.
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