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see VishakhapatnamVishakhapatnam
or Visakhapatnam
, city (1991 pop. 1,057,118), Andhra Pradesh state, SE India, a port on the Bay of Bengal. Established by the British in the 17th cent.
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, India.


, Visakhapatnam, Vizagapatam
a port in E India, in NE Andhra Pradesh on the Bay of Bengal: shipbuilding and oil-refining industries. Pop.: 969 608 (2001)
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In the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh, more than 10 villages have been submerged in Prakasham district while extensive structural damage has been reported in the coastal areas of Vishakapatnam and Nellore.
Mar 99 Sri Lanka L 12 runs Vishakapatnam SL 253/8, P 241 SL
The Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kursura, a submarine, was converted into a museum in Vishakapatnam, the USS Intrepid is an air and space museum in New York and given a place on Hudson River, while HMS Belfast is moored in London on the River Thames giving people a chance to peek into life on board these warships.
Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), June 1( ANI ): Frequent power cuts with poor storage facilities and lack of navigation equipment has hit fishing in Vishakapatnam, where fishermen continue to suffer even though the state government has lifted the 47-day ban.
Auto Business News-February 18, 2014--Audi India opens second showroom at Vishakapatnam
Nitin to Establish Cylinders Plant in Vishakapatnam 55
The Dubai-based group operates terminals at Kochi, Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Mumbai and Mundra in India.
The tournament will be held in Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, Jaipur and Jodhpur from September 1- 8.
The sea trial of the 7,000-tonne submarine will be conducted by August 15 in the Bay of Bengal off Vishakapatnam where it was constructed, an Indian television channel reported on Saturday.
It is also connected by sea with Chennai, Vishakapatnam and Kolkata, though journey time varies from 50 to 60 hours.
Joyalukkas is set to open 14 more showrooms by the end of 2009 in locations like Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, Vijayawada and various parts of the Middle-East.
The company is set to open 15 more showrooms by the end of 2008 in locations like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Pondicherry, Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada.