Visitation Dreams

Visitation Dreams


Visitation dreams are normally dreams in which the dreamer is visited by a spiritual entity, particularly the spirit of a departed human being. Communication with the so-called dead during the waking state has been accomplished, it is claimed, through especially sensitive human beings, usually referred to as mediums. The reliability of mediumistic communication is said to depend upon the medium’s sensitivity to normally unperceived entities. This mediumship can take the form of heightened sensory sensitivity such as clairvoyant (psychic sight) or clairaudient (psychic hearing) messages, as well as telepathic messages and symbolic visions.

Spiritualists theorize that the world of the spirit coexists with this world, separated by a differing “rate of vibration.” During mediumship, in this view, the spirits lower their rate of vibration while the medium raises his or her vibratory rate, creating a point of contact between the two realms across which communication may occur. The same basic understanding is applied to dream visitations.

During sleep, our center of consciousness shifts from its usual preoccupation with physical concerns and withdraws into itself, so to speak. From a spiritualist point of view, this can be understood as the mind extracting itself from the dense vibrations of the physical body, and drawing closer to the soul. Thus, the sleeping state resembles the mediumistic state, making it easier for disembodied spirits to communicate with dreaming subjects.

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