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Capitalising on the decision by security software vendor Symantec to focus on its core security product line, BEA stepped into to grab Visual Cafe, convinced that the Java toolset's popularity would insure that developers would be drawn to the closely-tied application server, BEA WebLogic.
The bundle, called Bea WebPak, will consist of Symantec's Visual Cafe Java development tool, Bea's Jolt Java client and Weblogic Java application server.
Under the terms of the settlement agreement, WebGain has agreed to dismiss its suit which had sought a ruling from the Court that their Visual Cafe and Structure Builder products did not infringe six Borland patents and which alleged that such patents were invalid.
Future integration will include JBuilder, Visual Age for Java and Visual Cafe.
SNAP2 Gear for DVB-MHP is JavaBeans(TM) enabled allowing content developers to work with in popular developments environments such as Forte by Sun Microsystems, JBuilder by Symantec, VisualAge for Java by IBM and Visual Cafe by WebGain.
Compatible - Kada Mobile is a clean room implementation of a JVM and supports standard development tools such as Visual Cafe, Forte, PowerJ and Code Warrior.
The plug-in is designed to allow thousands of current Visual Cafe users worldwide to be able to immediately create interactive television applications in Java and play back the applications either on a MediaHighway simulator in their development PC, or on an actual MediaHighway set-top box.