Visual Interface

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Visual Interface

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(vi) /V-I/, /vi:/, *never* /siks/ A screen editor crufted together by Bill Joy for an early BSD release. vi became the de facto standard Unix editor and a nearly undisputed hacker favourite outside of MIT until the rise of Emacs after about 1984.

It tends to frustrate new users no end, as it will neither take commands while expecting input text nor vice versa, and the default setup provides no indication of which mode the editor is in (one correspondent accordingly reports that he has often heard the editor's name pronounced /vi:l/). Nevertheless it is still widely used (about half the respondents in a 1991 Usenet poll preferred it), and even some Emacs fans resort to it as a mail editor and for small editing jobs (mainly because it starts up faster than the bulkier versions of Emacs).

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Visual Interface is now accepting orders for deliveries of the first customer shipments in the first quarter of 1998.
Webb of Visual Interface, 412-621-8242, or fax, 412-621-7018, or Email, jzw@visint.
It gives DOS customers a more consistent, visual interface and a Windows-like approach for organizing and using files.
Once in the virtual meeting space, the team can use MindManager's intuitive visual interface to capture, organize, and share information.
A straightforward and affordable approach to software modeling, UModel 2006 presents a rich visual interface and trouble-free, advanced capabilities that help level the UML learning curve and enhance developer productivity by making software modeling easy and fun.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) and its sister technology, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), are high-bandwidth digital interface specifications.
the leading developer and manufacturer of optical extension cables and modules for system integrated Information Technology applications, is now shipping its upgraded full-fiber extension cable for Digital Visual Interface (DVI) displays.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) technology continued to lose ground in the Consumer Electronics (CE) market to its sister technology, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), and is headed for losses in the PC market, reports In-Stat (http://www.
An intuitive, unified visual interface, identical across all platforms, serves as a control panel to access tools from AdaCore's GNAT Pro Ada development environment as well as from third parties, easing both development and maintenance.
Inspector analyses outline specific problems with a colorful visual interface that helps developers quickly understand which issues require attention.

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