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Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency was defined as low serum retinol concentrations (< 0.
20) For the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency among pregnant women, a uniform probability distribution was specified, with a minimum of 1% and a maximum of 6% (yielding a midpoint estimate of about 3.
The prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in South African children aged 0-4 years was estimated at 33.
The population-attributable fractions (PAFs) for the selected health outcomes as well as the estimated number of cause-specific deaths and DALYs attributed to vitamin A deficiency among children aged 0-4 years are shown in Table II.
8% of all healthy years of life lost (YLLs) in South Africa in 2000) were associated with vitamin A deficiency (Table III).
Vitamin A deficiency is a public health problem among preschool children in South Africa, with 33.
Vitamin A deficiency accounted for 3 069 deaths in children aged 0-4 years (3.