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city (1991 pop. 55,280), SE Sicily, Italy; founded 1607. It is an important center of wine and olive oil production and export.
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Beebe picked it up, and said: "The name of this ball is Vittoria Corombona, please.
Papa conducted his mysterious operations in the City--a stirring place in those days, when war was raging all over Europe, and empires were being staked; when the "Courier" newspaper had tens of thousands of subscribers; when one day brought you a battle of Vittoria, another a burning of Moscow, or a newsman's horn blowing down Russell Square about dinner-time, announced such a fact as--"Battle of Leipsic--six hundred thousand men engaged--total defeat of the French--two hundred thousand killed.
But, touching what you say of the river, we can take heed that we shall not have it at the back of us, for the prince hath now advanced to Salvatierra, and thence to Vittoria, so that if we come upon their camp from the further side we can make good our retreat.
The Elizabethan tendency to sensational horror finds its greatest artistic expression in two plays of John Webster, 'The White Devil, or Vittoria Corombona,' and 'The Duchess of Malfi.
At the first sound of the bell they hastened into the Corso by the Via Vittoria.
of which those of our readers who have had the good fortune to see a Gothic city entire, complete, homogeneous,--a few of which still remain, Nuremberg in Bavaria and Vittoria in Spain,--can readily form an idea; or even smaller specimens, provided that they are well preserved,--Vitré in Brittany, Nordhausen in Prussia.
Rising Filipina figure skater Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre is no stranger to adversity, having proven that last year at the 29th Annual Skate Japan tournament.
Contract awarded for:Restoration works to part of la vittoria bastion and surrounding courtyard at the ospizio complex, Floriana in an environmentally friendly manner
R Felixstowe, MSC Vittoria, Express Makalu, Yukon Star and Mezaira carrying containers, 29,149 tonnes palm oil and 54,855 tonnes diesel oil were allotted berths at Qasim International Container Terminal, Liquid Cargo Terminal and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively on Monday.
R Felistowe, MSC Vittoria, APL Antwers, Sakizaya Miracle, New Century and Loggonda scheduled to load/offload Containers Cement, Coanola seeds and Diesel oil also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during last 24 hours.
Guided by her delinquent brother, Johnny, Vittoria enters the upper circles of Roman society.