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in Arthurian legend: see MerlinMerlin,
in Arthurian legend, magician, seer, and teacher at the court of King Vortigern and later at the court of King Arthur. He was a bard and culture hero in early Celtic folklore. In Arthurian legend he is famous as a magician and as the counselor of King Arthur.
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Picture Walking Historic Almondbury is the 13th book by author Vivien Uff who lives in Almondbury and used to work at Colne Valley and Salendine Nook high schools.
This was said as a warning by Benoit Vivien of the European emergency NGO in an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio on Saturday.
Vivien Ella Walden has worked in the industry for decades and blasted the Government for making it illegal to buy sex here saying, "it's a step backwards," and could lead to "rape".
Vivien Cartner rushed to the aid of her boy, Frankie, after neighbours told her the flat he had lived in was on fire.
And today as Frankie continues to recover, Vivien has told the Chronicle how she endured every parent's worst nightmare when she realised her boy was seriously injured and trapped in a burning building.
These include a cottage in the Cotswold village of Chipping Norton where he lived during the early 1930s with his wife Vivien.
Request for information/substitutions: pre-bid clarifications (rfi~s) regarding this request for qualifications and request for proposals ( rfq/rfp ) must be received in writing to vivien watts at watts_vivien@ausd.
estrel Gymnastics Club has been a labour of love for Vivien Gourlay for more than 30 years.
until Vivien removes his mask and touches his face.
Asexuality In Ireland spokesman Vivien White feels that a lot of people are unsure of asexuals and see them as a threat to the country's sexual liberation.
Vivien Leigh, nee Vivian Mary Hartley, saw the light of day on 5 November 1913 in Darjeeling, India, being the only child of Ernest and Gertrude Hartley.