Vladimir Alekseev

Alekseev, Vladimir Fedorovich


Born Oct. 19 (31), 1852; died Sept. 12, 1919. Russian physical chemist.

Alekseev completed the St. Petersburg Mining Institute and was a professor there from 1879 to 1901. In 1876 he described the method, named for him, for the determination of the reciprocal solubility of liquids and first demonstrated the existence of a critical temperature for solubility. In 1885, Alekseev discovered the law of the so-called rectilinear diameter, used in the determination of critical temperature by graphic means.


“O vzaimnoi rastvorimosti zhidkostei.” Gornyi zhurnal, 1879, vol. 4, no. 10.
“O rastvorakh.” Gornyi zhurnal, 1885, vol. 2, no. 6.
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