Vladimir Egorov

Egorov, Vladimir Evgen’evich


Born Mar. 7 (19), 1878, in the village of Pokrovskoe in present-day Orel Oblast; died Oct. 8, 1960, in Moscow. Soviet theatrical and motion picture set designer. People’s Artist of the RSFSR from 1944.

Egorov, a student at the Stroganov School in Moscow from 1892 to 1900, designed sets for plays at the Moscow Art Theater between 1906 and 1911. These included Andreev’s The Life of Man in 1907 and Maeterlinck’s The Blue Bird in 1908. He also designed scenery for productions at the S. I. Zimin Opera House and the Malyi Theater. In 1915 he began working in motion pictures (The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1915). He designed sets for approximately 100 pictures. Egorov’s best works included Mother (1920), A Specter Is Haunting Europe (1923), The Garment Cutter from Torzhok (1925), His Call (1925), Wings of a Serf (1926), Ranks and People (1929), Judas Golovlev (1934),Dubrovskii and We Are From Kronshtadt (both in 1936), The Thirteen (1937), Suvorov and The Artamonovs’ Business (both in 1941), Kutuiov (1944), Guilty Though Guiltless (1945), and Admiral Nakhimov (1947). Egorov taught at the Stroganov School, which is the present-day Moscow Higher Industrial Arts School, from 1911 to 1917 and again after 1945. A recipient of the State Prize of the USSR, he has also been awarded two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor and several medals.


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